Thursday Eno River Project – Full

by organizerrtp2013

Thanks for your support for the Thursday workday at Eno River State Park. We are full and suggest that if you want to help out, to participate in the Friday event – Help build a Habitat home.

For those of your who are coming, remember to bring leather gloves, and, while we may not need sunscreen, please bring bug spray.

Sorry Scott, there is no “poison ivy spray”. I wish there was…itch, itch, itch….

I will bring H2O, granola bars and gluten free nut snacks.

If you employ Siri or Mapquest and suggest that they guide you to 1751 Riverside Drive, Hillsborough, NC, you will get close. The patch of land is at the corner of Hwy 70 and Riverside Drive. It is at a bridge that goes over the Eno, and it is very close to  a Shell gas station.

Thanks everyone,

Kelly Rimer