Monday — FULL — Sort Art Supplies for Crayons2Calculators

by organizerrtp2013

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Check out C2C thanks on their facebook page

Thank you so much to everyone who has already volunteered for the event this morning!  We are full.  We have the 15 folks that the space can fit.  Again, thanks to those who already commented and are coming!  For anyone else that was ready to volunteer today, I apologize for not having something bigger for Monday.  But, I know many, many of you are finding your own amazing volunteer opportunities.  We will keep looking for indoor activities with bigger capacities.  And then there is tomorrow’s event at Sandy Creek — if the government is still shutdown.Please come to the event at Sandy Creek park tomorrow morning at 9AM.  Awesome park and they need lots and lots of volunteers.  (see separate post)

With rain predicted, we’re looking for indoor events for tomorrow. So far, we need about 15 people at 11AM to sort art supplies for an upcoming art supply giveaway for art teachers in K-12 public schools.

More about the organization:

Also, if you have art supplies at home that you’d like to donate, bring them along!