Volunteer to Help Animals on Friday Afternoon

by organizerrtp2013

On Friday at 2pm, join with other animal-loving federal employees to help AnimalKind reach pet owners about low cost pet spay/neutering services. Meet in Durham at the back of the Target parking lot (old South Point mall) at 4037 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham, NC 27707-2516

Laura, the AnimalKind representative, will meet us to distribute materials (flyers, tape, push pins, etc.) and assign specific locations for pairs or small groups visit. She will park towards the back of the Target parking lot and will have the AnimalKind banner displayed on her car. The goal is to get the flyers posted in as many businesses as possible.

As a way of reaching more pet owners, AnimalKind prepared flyers with information about the SpayNC Helpline that need to be distributed throughout Durham and Orange Counties.

More information on AnimalKind can be found here. http://animalkind.org/home.html

AnimalKind’s program, THE $20 FIX, helps low-income families in Durham and Orange Counties with the cost of spay/neuter for their cats and dogs. Our SpayNC Helpline provides information to residents across NC that are interested in low cost pet spay/neuter resources.

Over 14,300 pets have been altered to date.